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Do you REALLY know what you want to study in the higher institution? YES/NO
Are you finding it difficult in making up your mind over your choice of career? YES/NO
Are you confused on what course to study in the higher institution? YES/NO
Are you finding it difficult to decide which department to go in SS 1?
Do you have accurate knowledge about your choice of career so far? YES/NO
DO you know there are some internal and external factors in and around every human being that can hinder, shape or promote his or her choice of any career? YES/NO
Do you know what jobs you can do in the future with that course you are about to pursue in the higher institution or prospects of your choice of career? YES/NO
Are you fully aware of the general requirements of the course you plan to study at the higher institution? YES/NO
Do you know there are benefits you can enjoy from your O’Level results apart from using it to pursue further studies in the higher institution? YES/NO
Are you aware of the universal obstacles to any career field? YES/NO

If your answers to any of the questions above is ‘No’, then you need to get a copy of “Me and My Future Career” Now!

Making a fulfilling career choice for most students is like an insurmountable mountain. There are many students on campus today studying a course that is frustrating their lives on a daily basis. Some parents and staff in all organizations are not left out, as they keep grumbling daily with a job they neither enjoy nor find fulfillment in. I once overheard a staff of an oil company saying “I am tired of this job!” despite all the benefits that come with her job.

If you find yourself struggling to know what to study in the university as a teenager and/or UTME candidate, don’t despair, I was once like you! As a teenager, I struggled to discover my career path years back and it cost me some delay in gaining admission to the university. Research has also shown that four (4) in every five (5) student or youth are finding it difficult to discover their future career. Most are just guessing or gambling. During my career seminars for students in several schools and youths’ organizations, I have met many secondary school students and UTME candidates who are totally lost or confused when it comes to making a fulfilling career choice.

I have therefore written this book to make you understand the processes, factors, and principles that will help you know what course to study in the higher institution. Several students have bought, read and digest the contents and today, they are the better for it. Read the testimonials of some of them below...


The following are some of the testimonials from young people who had access to “Me and My Future Career” book, read it, and then follow the instructions in it and today, they are better for it.

Akhagbosu Joan, UTME Student

While I was in secondary school, I was undecided on what I really wanted to study. All I knew was that I was an art student. I was privileged to meet Mr. Olusegun Akinade and he gave me a copy of his book. I now have no doubt I want to study Law.

Awodun K., Crown Jewel School, Lagos

Before I came across the book, I did not really know what I wanted to do but after reading it, I can say exactly what I want to do and I am now in a science class doing great

Olamide Testimony M., University of Lagos

Mr. Olusegun Akinade has been my mentor for some years and during my UTME in year 2018, he made sure I followed his instructions to the letter. Today, I can boldly say it’s all worth it as I have secured admission to the university of my choice. I really recommend the book to all students out there.

Iteoluwakiishi Ajayi, UTME Student

Before I came across the book, I was really confused about my choice of career. I had no idea that one’s temperament, talents, etc. has a lot to do with one’s career. I now know what to study, all thanks to “Me and My Future Career"

Motunrayo Olanrewaju, Educational Management, Tai Solarin University

Mr. Segun has been a good mentor right from the first time I met him. He has been a good influence in my education line. And when I lost all hope about my coming jamb wondering how it is going to be like, so I came across one of his books (Me and My Future Career) which really helped my education. Mr. Segun told me all I have to do is study hard, pay attention to certain things and pray. His advice and his books really helped me. I passed my UTME and post utme and I gained admission into Tai Solarin University of Education. I am now in 300 Level with a good CGPA. All thanks to God and Mr. Segun.

Ogunyomi-A. Victor, Statistics Department, University of Lagos

Before reading ‘Me and my career’, I had difficulties in choosing a course of study. I learnt to choose a course along my strength. All thanks to “Me and My Career”.

Onekpe Victory, UTME Student

Before I came across the book, I was undecided about the course I wanted to study. A lot of people around me discouraged me that the course I wanted to study was not going to fetch me a lot of money when I grow older and that I should study pharmacy but after reading the book, I was able to stand for what I want and not pursue what people think I should do. I am going to study nursing and am passionate about it.

Now that you have heard from few youths like you about the benefits of reading this great book, won’t you go ahead to get yours today? Now this is the big deal… the original price is ₦ 2,500 but I have decided to give you a discount this week by paying just ₦ 1,500 with a special gift! After this week, the price goes back to ₦ 2,500. If you purchase your copy within this promo period of one week, I will give you my second book - “UNIVERSITY ADMISSION CAPSULES” which is valued at ₦ 2,000 FOR FREE!


Are you aware you are competing with more than one million students for admission slots in our various universities? Do you know what separates successful students in UTME from the unsuccessful ones? Gaining admission to higher institution in our country has become an impossible task for most candidates. There are secrets you need to KNOW before, during, and after the UTME before your admission dream can become a reality!

This book “UNIVERSITY ADMISSION CAPSULES” which I will be giving you for FREE during this week, if you purchase “ME AND MY FUTURE CAREER” book will teach you what you need to KNOW and DO during these three stages, if you want to gain admission in your first/next attempt of UTME.

So get “Me and My Future Career” book today and get “University Admission Capsules” book for FREE! But remember, if you fail to get this book, you might still be confused or undecided about what to study in the higher institution, and that can delay or hinder your chances of gaining admission on time as I experienced some years back. Being confused about one’s career choice always portray one as an unserious student in the presence of fellow students, parents, mentors, and others.

If you purchase your copy today, you would thank your star for it as you would discover the following inside the book:

  • The real meaning of career and the elements of a career. In other words, what career is and what it is not.
  • The major Internal factors that determine your career choice no matter who you are. These factors affect everyone, and no one is an exemption.
  • The universal Environmental factors that affect your career choice irrespective of where you live on the face of the earth.
  • Analysis and explanation of over forty-five (45) different courses or field of study with their prospects, subject requirements and duration in the University. In other words, you will learn what it takes to study your course, what the course is all about, and what jobs you could do with it later after graduation.
  • Subject combinations for all UTME/University courses.
  • The universal obstacles to career fulfillment, and how you can overcome them if you want to be truly fulfilled in life.
  • The other benefits of O’ Level Results (WASSCE, NECO, GCE, etc.) apart from using it for admission purposes into tertiary institutions which many students don’t pay attention to.
  • How to overcome any addiction.
  • Tips on studying abroad if you desire to school abroad with scholarships.
  • And lots more!


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